Step by Step Guide to 10 Jobs That Pay $50 (R850) Per Hour- AppIy Here

One factor to consider when choosing a career path to pursue is the typical salary you might be able to earn. Many people decide to work in a particular job or industry because they offer …

One factor to consider when choosing a career path to pursue is the typical salary you might be able to earn. Many people decide to work in a particular job or industry because they offer the potential to earn high salaries, as this can help to maintain a certain lifestyle and ensure that you remain supported throughout the year. One salary that can be considered very competitive is the amount of $50 per hour, as this is a very high base salary. In this article, we explore a list of 10 jobs that typically pay at least $50 per hour.

10 jobs that pay at least $50 per hour

Here are 10 jobs that typically pay $50 per hour or more:

1. Pain management physician

National average salary: $60.12 per hour

Primary duties: A pain management physician specializes in treating patients who experience pain from injuries or chronic medical conditions. Pain management physicians can examine patients to determine the course of treatment that can best relieve their pain, prescribe pain medications to patients who live with chronic conditions that cause them pain and recommend other forms of treatment that might help their patients, such as physical therapy. A pain management physician can also further specialize in a specific type of pain management, such as medical pain management or interventional pain management.

2. Urgent care physician

National average salary: $75.78 per hour

Primary duties: An urgent care physician specializes in providing medical care to patients who visit the emergency room. Urgent care physicians can diagnose injuries and illnesses that patients experience unexpectedly, perform small procedures like closing open wounds and repairing damaged skin and order medical testing from other parts of a hospital, such as X-rays or blood tests. As they most often work in emergency rooms, urgent care physicians typically treat patients of all ages who experience a wide range of medical conditions.

3. Neurologist

National average salary: $84.33 per hour

Primary duties: A neurologist is a physician who specializes in treating patients who experience medical conditions that affect their nervous system, which can refer to the brain, spine and nerves. Neurologists can conduct examinations and tests on patients to learn about their neurological functions, develop treatment plans that can involve therapy and medication and recommending patients to other specialists when they need extra medical attention and treatment. A neurologist can also conduct research on new concepts in neuroscience and medicine that can inform their practices and keep them up to date.

4. Dentist

National average salary: $87.75 per hour

Primary duties: A dentist is a physician who specializes in treating medical conditions that affect patients’ teeth. Their job can involve performing dental examinations on patients to identify potential areas that might need treatment, prescribing treatment plans for patients such as braces or antibiotics and conducting small-scale dental operations, like pulling teeth or filling cavities. A dentist can also recommend other dental specialists to their patients who experience more serious dental conditions, such as orthodontists or oral surgeons.

5. Physician

National average salary: $103 per hour

Primary duties: A physician is a medical doctor who examines and treats patients. Physicians can have many responsibilities, like meeting with patients to conduct exams and learn about their medical histories, identifying potential medical conditions in patients after reviewing their symptoms and developing treatment plans that can help their patients recover from conditions they experience. Physicians can sometimes specialize in a particular area of medicine, such as pediatric care, women’s health and internal medicine.

6. Cardiology physician

National average salary: $110 per hour

Primary duties: A cardiology physician, also often called a cardiologist, is a medical doctor who treats medical conditions that affect the heart and vascular system. Cardiology physicians can meet with patients to learn more about their symptoms before recommending a treatment plan, perform tests on patients to reach diagnoses and conduct physical exams on patients to identify areas of the cardiovascular system that might need medical attention. A cardiology physician can also refer patients who experience more serious conditions to other specialists, such as cardiovascular surgeons.

7. Nocturnist

National average salary: $111 per hour

Primary duties: A nocturnist is a physician who typically only works during overnight shifts. Nocturnists can admit new patients who arrive late at night to a hospital, perform physical examinations on patients to diagnose medical conditions and oversee other medical professionals who work during the night shift, such as nurses and medical technicians. A nocturnist typically specializes in a particular area of medicine, such as internal medicine or intensive care.

8. Oncologist

National average salary: $113 per hour

Primary duties: An oncologist specializes in diagnosing and treating patients who have cancer. Their job can involve meeting with patients to perform exams and discuss their symptoms to determine whether cancer is present, educating their patients about different types of cancer and treatment options and removing cancerous tumors and growths using methods like chemotherapy and surgery. Oncologists can also order medical testing from other specialists to learn more about a patient’s conditions, such as requesting a biopsy.

9. Psychiatrist

National average salary: $122 per hour

Primary duties: A psychiatrist treats patients who live with medical conditions that affect their mental health. Psychiatrists can conduct therapy sessions with patients to learn about the mental health conditions they experience, diagnose specific medical conditions in patients after hours of evaluation and provide recommendations for treatments that might help a patient manage their symptoms, such as prescribing medication or specialized therapy.

10. Surgeon

National average salary: $161 per hour

Primary duties: A surgeon is a specially trained medical professional who can perform surgical operations on patients. Their job can involve determining what type of operation a patient might need, educating their patients about the surgical procedures they might undergo and using tools to correct medical conditions in the body, such as correctly placing a broken bone or performing tonsillectomies. A surgeon also typically works closely with anesthesiologists during procedures to make sure patients remain comfortable and don’t experience any pain while receiving surgery.