Learn About Robotics Companies in the USA

Robotics is a growing technology field with many applications requiring unique skills and qualifications. Professionals in computer science, engineering, data analysis and business administration can often find opportunities in companies that contribute innovative technologies to …

Learn About Robotics Companies in the USA

Robotics is a growing technology field with many applications requiring unique skills and qualifications. Professionals in computer science, engineering, data analysis and business administration can often find opportunities in companies that contribute innovative technologies to this sector. Because of the rise in robotics and AI technologies, robotics companies are developing across the country. In this article, we explore various robotics companies in the USA, what they specialize in and what they offer employees, with open positions to consider for each organization.

14 robotics companies in the USA

The following companies apply robotics to process and system automation, device manufacturing, aerospace and defense and medical technologies:

1. Oceaneering International

Office location: Houston, Texas

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1964, Oceaneering International provides specialized technologies to oil companies, including offshore and underwater technology for construction, drilling, repair and inspection. The company also develops remotely operated vessels (ROVs) for deep-sea exploration and search and rescue operations by the United States military. With diverse projects and locations around the world, professionals in all technology fields can find opportunities with Oceaneering. In the U.S., employees often receive benefits such as:

  • Private medical insurance

  • Income protection and retirement planning

  • Paid vacation and holidays off


2. AeroVironment

Office location: Monrovia, California

Size: 501–1,000 employees

Description: Established in 1971, AeroVironment has since grown to become a leader in commercial and military markets for its small, unmanned and robotic aircraft systems, commercial information systems, high-altitude satellite systems and tactical missile systems. AeroVironment’s continued growth in these sectors can mean more opportunities for professionals in engineering and software development. The company also has additional office locations outside of its Monrovia headquarters and supports its employees with benefits such as:

  • A 9/80 work schedule with alternating Fridays off

  • Comprehensive medical coverage

  • 401(k) and retirement planning

  • Paid holidays and discretionary time off

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • Advancement opportunities

  • Training and professional development support


3. Raytheon Technologies Corporation

Office location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Raytheon Technologies Corporation first emerged in 1922 and has since grown to include four companies: Raytheon Intelligence and Space, Raytheon Missiles and Defense, Collins Aerospace Systems and Pratt and Whitney. Raytheon develops solutions in robotics for electric propulsion, avionics and software communications systems. The company supports a wide range of career opportunities, including job placement for recent graduates and workforce reentry support. Some additional employee benefits include:

  • Comprehensive health coverage, including life insurance, disability insurance and wellness programs

  • Retirement planning and 401(k)

  • Paid time off, including parental leave

  • Signing bonus and bonus pay

  • Relocation and loan repayment assistance


4. Accuray

Office location: Sunnyvale, California

Size: 501–1,000 employees

Description: Accuray started in 1990 and specializes in radiation oncology. The company manufactures innovative technology and radiotherapy solutions that include robotic applications. With its CyberKnife and TomoTherapy Systems, Accuray continues to innovate and deliver products that help medical providers support patient health. The company also has additional locations outside its Sunnyvale headquarters, giving professionals different career options, including remote positions. Several benefits employees receive include:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance

  • Flexible schedules and paid time off

  • Paid holidays off

  • Employee stock options and 401(k)

  • Flexible spending account and tuition reimbursement


5. Stryker

Office location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Established in 1941, Stryker is now a global medical device and technology company with locations in the United States and overseas. Stryker’s robotics technology serves surgical and therapeutic applications in orthopedics and neuroscience. With advancements in the company’s product development and innovation, professionals from diverse backgrounds can find employment opportunities that support their career growth. Employees working for the company receive competitive compensation and benefits, including:

  • Healthcare insurance and wellness support

  • Retirement plans and stock options

  • Paid time off and family leave

  • Tuition reimbursement and career advancement opportunities


6. Intuitive Surgical

Office location: Sunnyvale, California

Size: 5,001–10,000 employees

Description: Intuitive Surgical entered the medical device industry in 1995, where the company has contributed advancements in robotic-assisted surgical technology. The company develops and manufactures the da Vinci surgical system, which uses robotic technologies to assist physicians and surgeons in performing minimally invasive procedures. Intuitive Surgical employs professionals from many diverse career fields and supports its employees with benefits such as:

  • Comprehensive health coverage

  • Retirement planning and employee stock options

  • Family support programs and parental leave

  • Continuing education, professional development and tuition reimbursement

  • Paid time off and flexible schedules, including remote work opportunities


7. Zirous

Office location: West Des Moines, Iowa

Size: 51–200 employees

Description: Zirous is an IT consulting firm that specializes in the development and delivery of automated and machine learning systems applicable to a variety of robotic-assisted technologies. The company started in 1986 and has contributed to innovations in machine learning and AI, data engineering and analytics and security intelligence. Zirous works with diverse talent from many professional backgrounds, including IT, data engineering, business management and sales and marketing. The company also supports its staff with benefits like:

  • Healthcare and medial insurance

  • Unlimited flexible time off (FTO)

  • Internship programs and tuition reimbursement

  • Professional development and continuing education

  • Company vehicle allowance

  • Retirement planning services and 401(k) with employer matching


8. Righthand Robotics

Office location: Somerville, Massachusetts

Size: 11–50 employees

Description: RightHand Robotics is a technical and robotics manufacturer of robotic-assisted equipment for inventory selection and packaging in supply chain management and e-commerce fulfillment. The company innovates warehouse automation solutions, computer programming and AI applications and employs professionals from both technical and business backgrounds. Although RightHand Robotics is a small company, it’s growing to include additional members of its team. Several benefits the company provides include:

  • Medical, dental and vision benefits

  • Company equity and 401(k)

  • Unlimited vacation policy

  • Flexible work schedule


9. Skydio

Office location: Redwood City, California

Size: 51–200 employees

Description: Skydio entered the automated drone industry in 2014 and launched its R1 technology in 2018. The company combines research and development with AI technology to create robotic and autonomous drones for both consumer and commercial applications. Skydio continues to grow with positions in research and development, software engineering, product development, finance, sales and customer success. Working for the company, employees receive benefits such as:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance

  • Mental health benefits and wellness program

  • Retirement 401(k) and company equity

  • Holidays and paid time off

  • Flexible spending accounts

  • Professional development and advancement opportunities


10. Vicarious

Office location: San Francisco, California

Size: 11–50 employees

Description: Vicarious is a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of artificial intelligence systems. The company is an innovator of Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS), which provides robotic technologies that support companies’ operational needs. Professionals with experience in software design, engineering, business management, sales and client success comprise Vicarious’ growing team, with additional opportunities as the company continues developing. Employees who work for Vicarious receive benefits like:

  • Comprehensive health coverage

  • Retirement planning, 401(k) and employee stock options

  • Family and parental leave

  • Paid sick leave, vacation and time off

  • Professional development and career support


11. AMP Robotics

Office location: Denver, Colorado

Size: 11–50 employees

Description: AMP Robotics is a growing robotics company that develops AI and robotic systems for improving the efficiency and sustainability of recycling practices. The company’s headquarters are in Colorado, with additional facilities in the U.S. and across the world. The company employs professionals from backgrounds in machine learning, software engineering, finance and marketing and business development and offers benefits like:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance

  • Employer-matched 401(k) and company equity

  • Paid holidays and time off

  • Professional development and training

  • Advancement opportunities


12. DataArt

Office location: New York, New York

Size: 1,001–5,000 employees

Description: DataArt launched in1997 and is a software engineering firm that specializes in AI and machine learning system integration. The company develops and delivers a wide range of software products, including advanced ML systems and natural language processors applicable to a range of automated and robotic-assisted processes. Business professionals, computer and software engineers and finance and sales professionals can all find opportunities with DataArt, where the company provides benefits like:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance

  • Parental and family leave with paid sick time

  • Retirement planning

  • Paid vacation and holidays off

  • Remote work opportunities


13. Tomahawk Robotics

Office location: Melbourne, Florida

Size: 11–50 employees

Description: Tomahawk Robotics launched in 2018 and develops robotic control systems for military and commercial applications. With applications in defense and enterprise automation, unmanned and robotic solutions, professionals in business, technology and military backgrounds can find employment opportunities with the company. Several benefits team members receive include:

  • Health insurance

  • Retirement planning

  • Paid time off

  • Professional development and support


14. FANUC America Corporation

Office location: Rochester Hills, Michigan

Size: 1,001–5,000 employees

Description: FANUC America opened in 1982 and employs over 1,500 team members across the Americas. The company supplies automation and robotic systems for manufacturing operations. Professionals in IT, computer engineering, product development, finance, business and sales and marketing can all find opportunities with FANUC America. Several benefits the company offers include:

  • Medical, dental, vision and disability and life insurance

  • Retirement assistance and 401(k)

  • Paid holidays and vacation

  • Tuition reimbursement


Learn About Robotics Companies in the USA
Learn About Robotics Companies in the USA