Guide to Achieving Professional Fulfillment: 11 Valuable Benefits of a Truck Driver Career

Guide to Achieving Professional Fulfillment: 11 Valuable Benefits of a Truck Driver Career! There are many impressive benefits that come with being a truck driver. For example, a truck driver gets to travel as a part …

Guide to Achieving Professional Fulfillment: 11 Valuable Benefits of a Truck Driver Career

Guide to Achieving Professional Fulfillment: 11 Valuable Benefits of a Truck Driver Career! There are many impressive benefits that come with being a truck driver. For example, a truck driver gets to travel as a part of their job and they often get to choose their work schedule. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a truck driver, then you may want to learn about the other benefits that are included in this position. In this article, we explain what a truck driver is and list 11 different benefits you may receive in this role.


What is a truck driver?

A truck driver is a professional who operates trucks to deliver goods to different locations. Truck drivers transport many items, such as consumer products, machine parts and building materials, which typically makes truck driving a high-demand career. While the main role of a truck driver is to transport goods, they complete other tasks, such as loading and unloading the truck and inspecting it for safety.


11 benefits of a truck driver career

Here are 11 benefits of a trucking career:

1. Salary

The national average salary of a truck driver is $67,457 per year. Salaries may depend on various factors, such as the size of the company, location of the job and how much experience the truck driver has. The high demand for truck drivers means these professionals can rely on this career as a steady form of income. Additionally, you may receive bonuses for driving specific routes that other drivers don’t want to complete. Some companies have incentive programs for having an impressive safety record or for driving a certain distance.


2. Travel

As a truck driver, you get to see more places than you would in many other jobs, while also receiving payment. While your job duties will require you to drive to different parts of the country, you can also use your free time as opportunities to see landmarks and other attractions. If you want to see more of the United States, then travel is a great benefit of being a truck driver.

3. Independence

Since you’re typically alone when transporting goods, trucking usually means you supervise yourself. Your employer will likely give you directions for where and when you must make deliveries, but the rest of your tasks will be self-directed. For example, you may often choose your route, what truck you drive and your work schedule.

4. Career advancement

If you enjoy working as a truck driver, you can often pursue more training to receive a higher salary or more career opportunities. For example, you could become certified to teach at a truck driving school or advance into a management role. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you could also become an owner-operator, which means you run your own trucking company.


5. Employee benefits

Many entry-level truck drivers receive employee benefits. For example, you might get coverage for medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Some companies even provide retirement plans or referral bonuses. Other employee benefits may include paid time off, such as paid holidays and vacation time. These benefits may differ depending on your specific position or company.

6. Flexible schedules

Truck drivers can usually make their own schedules, which allows them to maintain a work-life balance. For example, you might choose to work only on weekdays so you can spend the weekends with your friends or family. Flexible schedules can also mean choosing to work days or nights, depending on your preferences. Overall, trucking offers many opportunities to work outside of the typical five-day, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule.

7. Education costs

To become a truck driver you typically go to driving school and earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which can take around eight weeks to complete. Some trucking companies pay for you to take the CDL exam. Additionally, some trucking companies may reimburse you for half or more of your driving school tuition. This can help reduce the costs of attending driving school and getting your license. After earning your CDL, you can usually start working in a few weeks, so you can start saving money without worrying about debt.


8. Choosing your driving distance

As a truck driver, you can typically choose the distances that you drive. If you want to come home every night, then you could choose to drive shorter routes. Conversely, you could drive longer routes that take several days or more to complete. The number and distance of routes you take depends on how many total hours you want to work. For example, if you drive short, one-day routes, then you may have to drive multiple routes in a week.

9. Benefiting others

Trucking driving is a job that benefits others, which can make it a rewarding career. Truck driving is a critical role in society because trucks deliver necessities like clothes and food to different locations, such as grocery stores, gas stations, malls and hospitals. As a truck driver, you’re making a positive impact on many people’s lives by ensuring they have goods they want and need.

10. Time on the road

As a truck driver, you get to spend most of your time by yourself on the road. This means that you may have a lot of free time to learn or listen to music. For example, you could listen to an audiobook while driving to learn a new skill or listen to other educational materials like a documentary.

11. Community

Truck driving can often provide you with a sense of community. There are many truck drivers who form bonds with one another because of their careers. You may do most of your truck driving by yourself, but you can create strong relationships with those who share a similar lifestyle as you.

Tips for becoming a truck driver

Here is a list of tips if you’re interested in becoming a truck driver:

  • Follow road rules: Safety precautions are one of the most important aspects of truck driving. Make sure you understand and follow all road rules to help keep you and other drivers safe.

  • Maintain your vehicle: Inspect your vehicle before beginning a route. This can help ensure that everything is working, which is a safety precaution.

  • Be punctual: Delivering your goods on time is essential to truck driving. Ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to complete your route and try to leave early when possible.

  • Complete proper training: Though your education can prepare you to drive a truck, it’s also important that you complete the proper training that your company provides you. This can help you learn company guidelines quickly.