Get Paid What You Deserve: An In-Depth Guide to 16 Part-Time Jobs That Pay R720+ per Hour

A step–by–step guide to 16 part–time jobs that pay R720 or more per hour: Part–time jobs provide an opportunity to gain work experience while still managing other commitments and life responsibilities. There is a wide range …

Get Paid What You Deserve: An In-Depth Guide to 16 Part-Time Jobs That Pay R720+ per Hour

A stepbystep guide to 16 parttime jobs that pay R720 or more per hour: Parttime jobs provide an opportunity to gain work experience while still managing other commitments and life responsibilities. There is a wide range of parttime jobs available, with varying levels of scope and schedule flexibility. You can find and apply for wellpaying parttime jobs that fit your schedule and align with your career goals or degree specialization. In this article, we will discuss what parttime jobs are and which jobs offer R720 or more per hour.

What is a part-time job?

A part-time job is a job that allows you to work fewer hours than full-time jobs and you can complete these hours in rotational shifts that can vary each day or week depending on the position. Part-time positions can also be seasonal or contractual, which allows you to have flexibility in your work and life schedules. Part-time positions work less than 30 hours a week and receive payment hourly. You can find a wide range of high-paying part-time positions within different industries such as real estate, healthcare, business, education and technology.



16 part-time jobs that pay R720 or more per hour

Consider the following part-time jobs that pay R720 or more per hour in your job search:

1. Real estate agent

National average salary: R720.16 per hour

Primary duties: Real estate agents can work within a real estate brokerage company or independently to guide clients through negotiating a property sale. Because real estate agents can choose the clients and properties they manage, they can choose to work on a part-time basis. A real estate agent may also work more when the property market is more active and work less during off-seasons.

2. Psychologist

National average salary: R720.57 per hour

Primary duties: Psychologists can work in a healthcare facility or offer services through private practice, providing clients with treatment and care plans. Psychologists work with individual clients or in group settings within schedules that they can arrange on a part-time basis. Depending on the work you choose to do as a psychologist, you may also decide to work on an on-call schedule where you don’t regularly report unless you’re called in to see a patient.

3. Midwife

National average salary: R720.14 per hour

Primary duties: Midwives assist in the childbirth process and supervise the care of both the mother and the child during and after birth. You can hire a midwife to facilitate an at-home birth or to provide additional support within a healthcare facility. A midwife often meets with clients to determine if they can manage the childbirth process before accepting the position and developing a patient care plan. Because midwives can choose clients, they can control how much work they do.

4. Speech pathologist

National average salary: R720.34 per hour

Primary duties: Speech pathologists work with patients in healthcare facilities or private settings. They diagnose speech and communication disorders and develop treatment plans tailored to their patient’s needs. A speech pathologist can decide on how many patients they treat and manage their schedules to work part-time hours.

5. Veterinarian

National average salary:R720.47 per hour

Primary duties: Veterinarians diagnose and treat a variety of animals in zoos, labs and hospitals. You can work as a part-time or on-call veterinarian to oversee the healthcare and emergency needs of animals. Depending on your specialty, you can work with small animals and pets such as cats, dogs and rabbits or with large or exotic animals like cows, deer and snakes.

6. App developer

National average salary: R723.74 per hour

Primary duties: App developers can work part-time within a company or contractually in freelance positions that allow them to decide their workload. An app developer designs, implements and updates apps to suit their clients’ needs. They also test their designs to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of their app designs for user experience purposes.

7. Occupational therapist

National average salary: R744.87 per hour

Primary duties: Occupational therapists diagnose and treat patients with injuries or disabilities through individualized activity plans. Because they work closely with their patients to design their therapy plans, an occupational therapist may work with just a few patients throughout the week. They can provide at-home services or work within nursing homes or schools.

8. Software engineer

National average salary: R747.81 per hour

Primary duties: Software engineers develop software for clients to reflect the client’s intended use of the software. A software engineer can do freelance work for various companies and adjust their workload to do part-time work. They can perform maintenance and updates on an on-call basis for their clients as well.

9. Physical therapist

National average salary: R749.07 per hour

Primary duties: Physical therapists work with patients who experience physical injuries and help them improve their mobility because of those injuries. A physical therapist works with their patients one on one in private practice or other healthcare facilities. They create personalized fitness plans to restore function, prevent disabilities or relieve pain.

10. Adjunct professor

National average salary: R751.16 per hour

Primary duties: Adjunct professors are part-time professors that provide contractual teaching services. They may work as part of a company that facilitates contracts between adjunct professors and higher education institutions. Because they work contractually, they can dictate their teaching schedule and workload.

11. Project manager

National average salary: R753.49 per hour

Primary duties: Project managers can work in different industries, overseeing projects for their clients and managing communications between project teams and commissioners. A freelance or contract project manager can choose the projects they manage. They evaluate project costs, resources and forecasts to create and maintain a project schedule and performance goals.

12. Business analyst

National average salary: R753.67 per hour

Primary duties: Business analysts assess company systems to ensure that resources and work processes are efficient. A business analyst can conduct consulting work contractually to provide business recommendations and forecasts. They remain updated on business software developments and regulations to give companies relevant advice and guidance.

13. Pharmacist

National average salary: R754.04 per hour

Primary duties: Pharmacists can work part-time in a pharmacy or a hospital to provide patients with their prescriptions. They ensure proper distribution of medications and answer patient questions about their prescriptions. You may also find at-home pharmacy consultant work depending on your qualifications and state regulations.

14. Nurse practitioner

National average salary: R760.08 per hour

Primary duties: Nurse practitioners are nurses with specialized training. They can diagnose and treat illnesses and write prescriptions. A nurse practitioner can advise patients on their care and treatment plans.

15. Dentist

National average salary: R787.61 per hour

Primary duties: Dentists treat patients’ teeth and conduct preventative maintenance to ensure their oral health. They can diagnose oral diseases and provide dental and surgical procedures. Dentists can work part-time hours in dental offices or as emergency dentists for urgent care or the military.

16. Orthodontist

National average salary: R1576 per hour

Primary duties: Orthodontists are dentists that work with teeth placement and jaw alignments, such as those that require braces or surgical modification. They assess a patient’s teeth, jaws and mouth to diagnose and recommend corrective treatment plans. An orthodontist can work in private practice and manage their part-time schedules.