A Step-by-Step Guide to 13 Entry-Level Jobs for Teachers (Including Salaries)

Aspiring teachers may enter the field in a variety of different jobs. While many teachers start by working in the classroom, other teaching jobs provide experience working with students and preparing lessons. If you’re considering …

A Step-by-Step Guide to 13 Entry-Level Jobs for Teachers (Including Salaries)

Aspiring teachers may enter the field in a variety of different jobs. While many teachers start by working in the classroom, other teaching jobs provide experience working with students and preparing lessons. If you’re considering a career in teaching, it’s helpful to understand the different options that exist for teachers. In this article, we explain this type of work and provide a list of 13 entry-level jobs for teachers.

13 entry-level jobs for teachers

Here are 13 different entry-level jobs for teachers, both inside and outside the classroom, listed from lowest to highest salary:

1. Teacher’s aide

National average salary: $15,218 per year

Primary duties: A teacher’s aide is responsible for carrying out small administrative duties in the classroom to support teachers and other staff members in the school. They might attend field trips to help faculty supervise the students. A teacher’s aide might help a teacher prepare for the next day of school by organizing lesson plans, making paper copies and assisting with other minor tasks.

2. Remote teacher

National average salary: $23,551 per year

Primary duties: A remote teacher is a professional who virtually connects with students in order to teach lessons. They might teach one class or provide lessons for several different groups of students. Remote teachers can work for any type of school that offers their classes in a remote format and teach any age students who enroll in these classes, as long as they can learn independently and have an internet connection.They might teach a variety of subjects or specialize, depending on their audience.

3. After-school program director

National average salary: $36,876 per year

Primary duties: An after-school program director is responsible for creating activity itineraries, scheduling staff, supervising and engaging with students in a program that takes place after school hours. They may plan fun, educational games, supply healthy snacks and provide help with homework. The program director might employ other people to assist with supervision or homework help. Certain directors specialize in teaching students a skill, such as a creative writing program or sports program.

4. School secretary

National average salary: $37,307 per year

Primary duties: A school secretary handles the organization and function of a school, including scheduling, keeping track of students and organizing events. They may help teachers manage online learning tools, copy worksheets and organize curriculum paperwork. School secretaries ensure the communication of important information to both students and parents. They also assist the principal with administrative duties.

5. Preschool teacher

National average salary: $39,619 per year

Primary duties: A preschool teacher is responsible for managing a classroom of children between the ages of three and five. They may prepare simple lessons focused on basic skills, such as learning the alphabet or numbers. Preschool teachers also teach emotional and group social skills that are important for success in school and life. They help prepare children to enter a structured school setting once they reach the age of kindergarten.

6. Assistant teacher

National average salary: $46,658 per year

Primary duties: An assistant teacher supports a lead teacher when there’s a need for more help or supervision in a classroom. They may work with one classroom specifically or divide their time between several classes that need this support. Assistant teachers may work with small groups of students or individuals who need more specialized instruction. This helps the lead teacher remain with the entire class and academically benefit as many students as possible.

7. Middle school teacher

National average salary: $46,102 per year

Primary duties: A middle school teacher is responsible for teaching students, typically from sixth through eighth grade, although grades included in middle school can vary by location. Beginning in middle school, teachers usually specialize and teach a subject rather than an entire grade, such as science or math. They may teach a variety of classes within that subject, however, such as seventh-grade and eighth-grade science or art and photography. Middle school teachers prepare their students to advance into high school-level academic material.

8. High school teacher

National average salary: $47,073 per year

Primary duties: A high school teacher educates students, typically from ninth through twelfth grade. They usually specialize and teach in one subject, such as history or math. They teach multiple classes throughout the day, but as high schools often have more students, they may teach multiple sections of the same class or teach a variety of classes within their specialty. High school teachers also help prepare students to advance to college-level courses.

9. Education coordinator

National average salary: $47,877 per year

Primary duties: An e ducation coordinator manages and develops curriculum for students. They typically assess the current curriculum to determine if any changes are necessary for the following academic year. Education coordinators work to create dynamic, engaging curriculum that’s specialized for a specific age group.

10. Exceptional student educator

National average salary: $50,393 per year

Primary duties: An exceptional student educator is responsible for assessing the needs of students with individualized education plans (IEPs) and adapting lessons to best meet their learning ability. These teachers plan unique ways to communicate, teach and engage with each student in their classroom. They may work individually with one student or teach a small group.

11. Tutor

National average salary: $54,382 per year

Primary duties: A tutor works privately with students to help them master complex academic concepts or ideas. They might offer general help or have a specific area of expertise, such as helping high school students with algebra. Tutors may work for a school or operate freelance to help students outside of school hours.

12. Education consultant

National average salary: $60,586 per year

Primary duties: An education consultant assesses and gives guidance about a school’s teaching styles and curriculum. After an assessment, they may provide feedback on how to improve certain aspects of teaching skills, school environment or curriculum. A consultant may specialize in certain ages or concepts, such as middle school or reading curriculums, and offer guidance specific to these situations or groups.

13. Elementary school teacher

National average salary: $64,540 per year

Primary duties: An elementary school teacher is responsible for teaching students, typically from kindergarten through fifth grade, although grades included in elementary school can vary by location. They prepare lesson plans and create dynamic ways to engage the students. Elementary school teachers impart foundational knowledge that students can build on as they advance to the next grade.