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Whether you’re looking for a full-time career or a part-time job to contribute to your family’s finances, there are several great work opportunities available for parents. Knowing more about your options and which factors to …

25 Best Jobs for Parents: Salaries and Job Descriptions

Whether you’re looking for a full-time career or a part-time job to contribute to your family’s finances, there are several great work opportunities available for parents. Knowing more about your options and which factors to consider as a working parent can help you find the job that is best for you.

In this article, we discuss some of the the best jobs available for parents.

What kinds of jobs are best for parents?

There are a number of questions to ask yourself when trying to determine the best job for your schedule, interests and needs. If you’re a parent looking to re-enter the workforce in some capacity, you should start researching by asking yourself a few questions. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Am I looking for a job or a career?

  • Am I interested in full-time or part-time work?

  • Will I need additional support from family or a daycare?

  • Am I willing and able to travel if needed?

  • Do I want to work remotely or have a flexible schedule?

  • Do I want to start my own business or work for someone else?

  • What are my interests and skills and what is my experience and educational background?

The best jobs for parents

Here’s a list of 25 jobs for parents, offering a range of salaries, schedule requirements and duties, to help you find the perfect opportunity for your particular needs and situation.

1. Child care provider

National average salary: $13.75 per hour

Primary duties: Child care providers provide care to young children, usually during the early childhood years, in their homes or at a daycare center. Child care providers are responsible for caring for a child’s basic needs such as food and personal hygiene but also typically plan activities such as play dates, arts and crafts and help older children with homework as needed.

2. Teacher assistant

National average salary: $13.83 per hour

Primary duties: Elementary school teacher assistants, also known as teaching assistants, provide teachers with both instructional and administrative support. Teacher assistant duties may include grading papers, working with small groups of students and helping with lesson planning.

3. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $14.40 per hour

Primary duties: Retail sales associates sell retail products such as clothing, accessories, technology, cars and more in brick-and-mortar style stores. Retail sales associates may be responsible for maintaining the store’s cleanliness, ensuring products are well stocked, assisting customers with finding products, returning non-purchased items back to their shelves, assisting with the check-out process and handling cash registers and point-of-sale systems.

4. Baker

National average salary: $14.55 per hour

Primary duties: Bakers gather, mix and bake ingredients as instructed by recipes to make a variety of pastries, breads and other baked goods that are sold by bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores and wholesalers. Bakers may also own a personal business in which they bake and sell their baked goods directly to their customers.

5. Caregiver

National average salary: $14.63 per hour

Primary duties: Caregivers work with the elderly and people with disabilities to provide care by assisting them with their daily needs such as bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, using the bathroom, taking medications, completing housework and doing daily activities. Caregivers may also help their patients schedule appointments, arrange or provide transportation to appointments and act as a companion to patients who may otherwise be alone.

6. Life skills trainer

National average salary: $16.69 per hour

Primary duties: Life skills trainers help their clients gain independence by teaching them how to complete and manage basic life skills such as caring for their personal hygiene, cooking and managing their own finances. Life skills trainers may work with at-risk youth, the elderly, disabled or individuals recovering from an injury or illness.

7. Photographer

National average salary: $17.01 per hour

Primary duties: Photographers use a combination of natural artistic talent and technical skills to capture pictures of people, places and things. Photographers also often edit the pictures they take for their clients. A photographer may work for a photography studio, a wedding or event hall or as a freelance photographer.

8. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $17.08 per hour

Primary duties: Data entry clerks maintain accurate record-keeping for a company by entering and updating information transcribed on a piece of paper or provided to them verbally by a client into a computer system.

9. Blogger

National average salary: $17.09 per hour

Primary duties: Bloggers create content that is commonly referred to as a blog article and post the content to a personal or professional website with the intent of capturing their audiences’ attention.

10. Sonographer

National average salary: $17.71 per hour

Primary duties: Sonographers use specialized medical equipment and technology to assess patients for a variety of medical conditions. Sonographers are often known for working with ultrasound or sonogram equipment during a woman’s pregnancy, however, they may also work with ultrasound, sonogram and echocardiogram machines to assess patients for other conditions as well.

11. Academic adviser

National average salary: $17.94 per hour

Primary duties: Academic advisers provide counseling services to students who need assistance in choosing areas of study and make sure they meet the minimum requirements needed to graduate. Academic advisers usually work with students at the high school and college level, but may also work with younger students to prepare them for their educational and career path.

12. Personal banker

National average salary: $18.27 per hour

Primary duties: Personal bankers work in retail bank branches and assist customers with various banking needs such as opening and closing checking and savings accounts, applying for loans, making investments and financial planning.

12. Hairstylist

National average salary: $19.34 per hour

Primary duties: Hairstylists create hairstyles to match their clients’ needs and desires. Hairstylists may use techniques such as cutting, coloring, shampooing, blow-drying, curling and styling client hair. They may also educate their clients about proper hair care and styling techniques.

13. Graphic designer

National average salary: $19.96 per hour

Primary duties: Graphic designers use computer software and hand-drawn art to create visual concepts that captivate consumers, communicate ideas and inform or inspire consumers to take action. Graphic designers may be responsible for the overall design and layout of web applications, advertisements, brochures, reports, infographics, magazines and more.

14. Event planner

National average salary: $20.28 per hour

Primary duties: Event planners plan and coordinate all aspects of a special occasion or event such as a wedding, birthday party, anniversary party, bridal shower or baby shower. Event planners work with their clients to understand the client’s vision and needs for their event and helps their clients make that vision a reality.

15. Social media manager

National average salary: $20.94 per hour

Primary duties: Social media managers manage the social media profiles of businesses by creating engaging content and posts, interacting with the business’ customers, responding to questions and comments made about the business and managing the company’s social media marketing campaigns.

17. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $22.05 per hour

Primary duties: Virtual assistants provide support services to executives or businesses from a remote location using technology such as a computer and phone. Virtual assistants may be responsible for tasks such as managing a calendar and emails, scheduling appointments, social media management, data entry, booking travel arrangements and preparing reports and presentations.

18. Copywriter

National average salary: $23.87 per hour

Primary duties: Copywriters create content for businesses with the purpose of marketing and advertising. Content may be written to raise brand awareness, educate, describe and motivate consumers to take action. Content is often created for online publication on websites and social media profiles, but may also be created for traditional print advertising such as brochures and magazines.

19. Personal trainer

National average salary: $24.20 per hour

Primary duties: Personal trainers work with clients on achieving personal fitness goals by teaching them proper training techniques and acting as a motivational and accountability coach throughout their personal fitness journey.

20. Accountant

National average salary: $26.18 per hour

Primary duties: Accountants access and manage a company or individual’s financial records, create budgets and finance reports, prepare tax returns, maintain accounting records and analyze financial statements.

21. Makeup artist

National average salary: $26.79 per hour

Primary duties: Makeup artists use cosmetic techniques and makeup products to enhance the natural beauty of their clients by bringing out their best features, enhancing color and smoothing or hiding flaws.

22. Realtor

National average salary: $39.80 per hour

Primary duties: Realtors assist residential and commercial property owners with the buying and selling process. Realtors may be responsible for taking their clients to property viewings, preparing properties for showings and open houses, negotiating the terms of a purchase and preparing the necessary paperwork and documents for the sale process.

23. Underwriter

National average salary: $43.95 per hour

Primary duties: Underwriters review applications for insurance policies, mortgages and other types of personal and business loans to determine an applicant’s eligibility for the product or loan. Underwriters can approve, deny and suspend applications.

24. Registered nurse

National average salary: $42.04 per hour

Primary duties: Registered nurses assist physicians with providing care and treatment to patients with various medical conditions. Registered nurses may work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics and other medical facilities and may be responsible for checking and monitoring vital signs, monitoring a patient’s recovery progress, administering medication and educating patients and their families about their diagnosis and treatment plan.

25. Driver (independent contractor)

National average salary: $160 per hour

Primary duties: Drivers use a personal or company vehicle to drive for ride-hailing companies or delivery services. Ride-hailing drivers are responsible for transporting people and groups from one location to another. Delivery drivers may be responsible for grocery shopping or picking up food and catering orders and delivering them to customers at their homes or business.



25 Best Jobs for Parents: Salaries and Job Descriptions
25 Best Jobs for Parents: Salaries and Job Descriptions