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Thanks to the rise of technology, there are several ways to earn a living outside of a traditional office setting. If you’re interested in lucrative careers, there are many remote opportunities to consider. Understanding your options can …

Remote Jobs

Thanks to the rise of technology, there are several ways to earn a living outside of a traditional office setting. If you’re interested in lucrative careers, there are many remote opportunities to consider. Understanding your options can help you make a more informed decision regarding your career path.

In this article, we discuss what remote jobs are, present some benefits and share a list of 23 top-paying remote jobs you can pursue based on your education, experience and passions.

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What are remote jobs?

Remote jobs allow you to work for a company, either part- or full-time, from an off-site location of your choice. This means a company won’t ask you to come into a traditional office setting to work. In a remote or telecommuting position, you have the necessary equipment, such as a laptop, to perform your job efficiently from anywhere. Freelancers and contractors as well as employees may be able to work remotely.

Freelancers and contractors work as self-employed individuals and typically provide their own supplies and equipment, while employees have a set contract, work for a single company and are provided the supplies and equipment to do their job. Freelancers work with one client or company at a time, while contractors may take on many clients or businesses simultaneously.

Why consider getting a remote job?

Remote jobs come with several benefits for personal and professional lives. Here are some potential advantages of this type of work:

  • Less time commuting: Since you’re working from home, you can start your workday without first having to drive to an office or another work setting. Not having to commute also helps the environment since you’re not contributing to the air pollution that comes from vehicle emissions.

  • Better work-life balance: Working from home allows you to set your work hours, which is helpful when balancing your work and personal life. For example, if you drop off and pick up your children from school every day, working remotely may make it easier to pause your workday and resume once you return.

  • More customizable office: Working from home lets you set up a home office in your preferred style. Rather than using the desk, chairs, and space provided by your employer, you may use your furniture and create an office that suits your needs and style.

  • More location independence: When you have a remote job, you can work in the setting of your choice, such as at home, a local coffee shop or the library. You may also work internationally, but check with your employer before making travel plans; there might be limitations.

  • Increase in productivity and motivation: A remote job might increase productivity and motivation because you can work in your preferred space with minimal interruptions. You may be more productive when you work in a convenient location where you can focus on your work.

  • Lower cost: When working in a remote role, you may save more money. For example, you may spend less on gas because you’re not commuting to and from an office.

23 top-paying remote jobs

No matter the industry, several top-paying remote jobs are available. Consider your skills, work experience and interests to find the best opportunity for you. Here are 23 top-paying remote jobs to consider. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries.

1. Recruiter

National average salary: $57,194 per year

Primary duties: Recruiters look for qualified candidates for specific job openings. To do this, they meet with hiring managers to determine the company’s staffing needs. Recruiters review resumes and interview prospective candidates, then recommend suitable candidates to hiring managers.

2. Marketing analyst

National average salary: $64,983 per year

Primary duties: Marketing analysts work with companies to determine which of their products or services to sell. Before making recommendations, they gather data, observe consumer behavior and consider current and future market trends. These individuals can work in various departments, such as digital marketing, social media marketing or print advertisement.

3. Business analyst

National average salary: $78,298 per year

Primary duties: Business analysts study an organization’s processes, systems and business models to outline their problems and solutions. They use data analytics and recommend improvements to a company’s executives and stakeholders.

4. Consultant

National average salary: $80,365 per year

Primary duties: Consultants provide qualified opinions and recommendations to companies or individuals. Consultants use interviews, surveys and data to prevent problems and improve an organization’s overall performance. Consultants can work in various areas, including business, finance, human resources, operations, risk and compliance.

5. District sales manager

National average salary: $81,315 per year

Primary duties: A district sales manager trains new sales representatives, creates sales strategies and goals and organizes sales reports. They also help the sales team reach district sales and profit goals on time.

6. Project manager

National average salary: $82,872 per year

Primary duties: Project managers plan and execute a project, monitor its progress and ensure it meets the required budget. This role also uses past project performances to help with current or scheduled projects. They work in several industries, including IT, engineering, pharmaceutical and media. Project managers use their leadership, critical thinking and scheduling skills daily.

7. Security analyst

National average salary: $87,060 per year

Primary duties: Security analysts monitor a company’s computer networks for security issues and breaches. They also install software and implement security measures to protect company computer systems and information. Security analysts also perform a risk analysis to help prevent future security issues from occurring.

8. Medical writer

National average salary: $93,759 per year

Primary duties: Medical writers compose and edit medical writing deliverables related to clinical research. Medical writers ensure all content meets the necessary guidelines and proper structure. They also verify content quality by reviewing and proofreading all materials as needed.

9. Marketing director

National average salary: $96,191 per year

Primary duties: A marketing director develops marketing campaigns and implements various strategies to promote a company and its products or services to its target audience. This role also leads and approves proposed marketing campaigns from an organization’s marketing department. Marketing directors oversee the campaigns, review the campaign’s performance, seek ways to improve, raise brand awareness and increase sales.

10. Information technology (IT) manager

National average salary: $96,776 per year

Primary duties: IT managers work in a company or organization’s technology infrastructure. They also manage the IT staff, research technological strategic solutions and plan a company’s computer-related activities. IT managers use their problem-solving skills, technical skills and attention to detail throughout their workday.

11. Psychologist

National average salary: $98,861 per year

Primary duties: Psychologists conduct studies on mental processes and human behavior. They observe and interview many patients to diagnose psychological, emotional or behavioral disorders. Psychologists use their research and findings to identify any emotional or behavioral patterns. As a remote psychologist, they can provide telehealth services to their clients.

12. Front-end developer

National average salary: $103,756 per year

Primary duties: Front-end developers implement web designs on the front end of a website through various coding languages, such as CSS and HTML. Whereas back-end developers work on the server side of an application, front-end developers work on the front end of a website that users see and interact with online.

13. Software engineer

National average salary: $108,781 per year

Primary duties: Software engineers use their knowledge of computer science to design various software products, including computer games. They also track issues, operate network control systems and identify areas for improvement.

14. User experience (UX) researcher

National average salary: $109,120 per year

Primary duties: UX researchers assess customer behaviors, motivations and needs to determine a company’s target user. Based on their research, they focus on creating user-friendly products for their customers to enjoy. Using their knowledge of analytics and the design process, they ensure quality research.

15. Speech-language pathologist

National average salary: $115,379 per year

Primary duties: Speech-language pathologists (SPLs) help people of all ages with communication and swallowing problems. They help prevent, diagnose and treat these disorders in everyone, from infants to adults. SPLs can provide telehealth appointments with their clients.

16. Product designer

National average salary: $115,986 per year

Primary duties: Product designers create and develop new consumer products using drawings, 3D models and computer designs. They also work to improve existing product designs and research work from competitors to improve upon their own creations. Product designers use their commercial awareness and communication skills daily.

17. Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

National average salary: $121,945 per year

Primary duties: DevOps engineers work as part of a team to implement infrastructure projects. They also protect the cloud against various threats, such as viruses. To do this, they use code and implement secure automation solutions. To succeed in this role, DevOps engineers need to understand DevOps tools and have strong software security skills.

18. Data scientist

National average salary: $124,683 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists work for various companies and organizations to identify patterns and trends within large data sets. This role can use the data and its patterns and trends to help companies make informed decisions, create useful algorithms and forecast outcomes with data models. Additionally, a data scientist understands how to interpret data using different data science tools, software and data methods.

19. Software architect

National average salary: $133,806 per year

Primary duties: Software architects create software solutions and applications. Whereas software developers implement a plan, software architects create it. Software architects collaborate with stakeholders to determine the software requirements and give the development team blueprints. They also assist the development team as needed.

20. Mobile developer

National average salary: $134,461 per year

Primary duties: Mobile developers create applications for various cellular device platforms. To do this, they make and implement a mobile application and program source code. They determine the suitable programming languages and learn the specific software development environment they plan to use for each project. Mobile developers also ensure each program or application meets their client’s requirements.

21. iOS developer

National average salary: $135,673 per year

Primary duties: iOS developers create applications for mobile applications that use the iOS operating system. They often use Objective-C or Swift programming languages. iOS developers also maintain existing applications and ensure they meet all their clients’ business needs.

22. General counsel

National average salary: $159,998 per year

Primary duties: A general counsel, also known as a chief counsel or chief legal officer, work for companies or government agencies as an in-house lawyer. They’re the go-to person for legal advice and collaborate with a company’s chief executive officer. Many companies use a general counsel to ensure they’re making informed business decisions. Their other responsibilities can include drafting and reviewing legal agreements, conducting legal research and being responsible for statutory filings. As a remote general counsel, they can perform the same duties from an off-site location.

23. Psychiatrist

National average salary: $268,419 per year

Primary duties: Specializing in mental health, psychiatrists assist patients with psychological problems relating to mental and physical issues. They diagnose patients, create treatment plans, prescribe medication, and monitor the treatment’s results. Psychiatrists display empathy and use inductive and deductive reasoning throughout their daily responsibilities.



Remote Jobs
Remote Jobs