21 High Hourly-Paying Jobs (With Primary Job Duties)

21 High Hourly-Paying Jobs (With Primary Job Duties)   The motorcycle industry is full of positions that growing professionals can fill. From positions as a writer to those of accounting and business management, there are …

21 High Hourly-Paying Jobs (With Primary Job Duties)

21 High Hourly-Paying Jobs (With Primary Job Duties)


The motorcycle industry is full of positions that growing professionals can fill. From positions as a writer to those of accounting and business management, there are plenty of options you can choose. Knowing what options you have can help you decide on the type of role you want to pursue in your next job. In this article, we discuss 21 motorcycle industry jobs, including their salaries and primary job duties to help you find a job that matches your talents, expertise and duties you want to perform during your workday.

21 motorcycle industry jobs

Here are 21 motorcycle industry jobs. For the most up-to-date Indeed Salaries, please click the links below:

1. Service writer

Average salary: $53,690 per year

Primary duties: Service writers represent companies and their products to potential clients. Their duties include teaching customers about their client’s products, scheduling appointments and reviewing customer accounts and reporting changes to internal staff members. Other responsibilities they may have include being a customer service representative and managing an organization’s relationships with its customers.

2. Freelance writer

Average salary: $54,116 per year

Primary duties: Freelance writers are professionals who design and create written content such as blogs, books, social media posts and articles for their clients. They may also edit pieces for their clients to ensure they are free from typos, grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies. Many freelance writers work from home offices and choose what projects they agree to write and what businesses they want to work with for their work.

3. Mechanic

Average salary: $54,487 per year

Primary duties: Mechanics evaluate vehicles to check for damage and perform repairs if there is damage. Their duties include creating work plans for each vehicle that comes into their garage, following examination lists, performing routine repairs and evaluations for vehicles and discussing repairs with their customers. Mechanics may also build custom vehicles and contact their clients to learn more about custom orders.

4. Detailer

Average salary: $56,013 per year

Primary duties: Detailers provide interior and exterior cleaning services for motor vehicles. Their duties include removing stains, scratches, crumbs and other debris from inside and outside the vehicle. Other responsibilities they may have include applying new protective materials to vehicles, removing odors from vehicles and responding to clients about the services the detailer performs.

5. Public relations manager

Average salary: $56,132 per year

Primary duties: Public relations manager act as the connection between one or more organizations and the public. Their responsibilities include creating and maintaining an organization’s public image and messaging, finding target audiences for an organization and writing press releases to stay ahead of changes for the organizations they represent. Other duties they may have include helping their clients communicate effectively with the public, speaking with media outlets to gather and spread information and meeting with donors to the organization’s causes.

6. Accountant

Average salary: $56,175 per year

Primary duties: Accountants perform financial services for their clients such as filing tax documents and creating payrolls. They may have responsibilities such as working with auditors to complete internal and external audits and creating documents to track the expenses of an organization. Accountants can work from home, but many choose to work within the organizations they partner with while they work.

7. Sales specialist

Average salary: $57,892 per year

Primary duties: Sales specialists conduct research and demonstrations to sell products for one or more organizations. Their responsibilities include managing a team of sales professionals, looking into markets for new and continuing products and resolving customer complaints. They may also set sales targets for certain products, build relationships with an organization’s customers and provide accurate forecasting methods to predict goals and outcomes for a company.

8. Service technician

Average salary: $58,832 per year

Primary duties: Service technicians conduct diagnostics to find the causes of issues in vehicles and other mechanical equipment. Their duties include repairing issues based on manufacturer guidelines, performing routine maintenance and communicating the cost of their services to clients. Other responsibilities they may have include making reports on the services they perform and filling out paperwork.

9. Warehouse manager

Average salary: $59,378 per year

Primary duties: Warehouse managers operate the functions of storage and distribution warehouses. Their duties include managing a team of warehouse associates, performing regular inspections of stored goods and the security measures of the warehouse and receiving goods to the warehouse. They may also sort items to the correct sections of the warehouse, communicate with their clients about when new items are coming and what items are leaving and loading items onto transport vehicles such as trucks, boats and trains.

10. Inside sales representative

Average salary: $60,478 per year

Primary duties: Inside sales representatives highlight the advantages of an organization’s products or services. Their responsibilities include researching products to understand what they do, developing relationships with a company’s customers and meeting sales goals set up by their leadership. They may also train new sales professionals, improve their skills to increases their sales outcomes and look at potential leads to generate more sales for a company.

11. Field technician

Average salary: $61,064 per year

Primary duties: Field technicians are traveling technicians who perform repairs on vehicles and other machines both on and off-site. Their duties include providing customer support and services during dispatches, maintaining test tasks and on-site equipment and finding solutions to technical issues. They may also document their processes, build relationships with their customers and operate vehicles to travel to field locations and diagnose issues.

12. Painter

Average salary: $63,009 per year

Primary duties: Painters prepare and coat vehicles and other materials with paints to enhance or refresh how their projects look. Their duties include gaining materials for their jobs, cleaning and preparing surfaces for painting and providing estimates for the cost of painting projects. They may also manage a team of apprentices, communicating with their customers to determine colors and textures of the paint and matching paint samples for touch-up jobs on pre-existing projects.

13. Brand manager

Average salary: $63,594 per year

Primary duties: Brand managers create and maintain the positive image of a company. Their duties include creating strategies to increase the public awareness of a brand, monitoring sales and creating advertisement and placing them in the best locations possible. Other responsibilities they may have include managing a team of digital and physical branding professionals and creating goals for their teams.

14. Operations manager

Average salary: $63,702 per year

Primary duties: Operations managers create plans to help organizations run smoothly at all levels. Their responsibilities include working with all personnel to set and meet goals, recruiting professionals for the company and creating policies to manage how the organization interacts with its customers. They may also train new staff members, negotiate contracts and organize the company into sections to increase efficiency and productivity.

15. Data analyst

Average salary: $65,461 per year

Primary duties: Data analysts collect and monitor data for trends and advise management professionals on company responses to the trends. Their duties include cleaning data to remove any unnecessary information, working with technology to find their data from primary and secondary sources and finding patterns in the data for analysis. Their responsibilities may also include organizing data so stakeholders in a company can interpret it themselves.

16. Sales manager

Average salary: $68,367 per year

Primary duties: Sales managers organize a company’s products to maximize the number of sales it makes. Their duties include setting and meeting sales goals for themselves and their teams, reporting on the progress of goals and managing a team of other sales professionals. They may also develop business plans to cover sales, expenses and revenue so the organization remains organized throughout the creation and sale of its products and services.

17. Project manager

Average salary: $75,352 per year

Primary duties: Project managers plan, manage and execute on one or more projects within an organization. They may have responsibilities such as creating a new project, defining its goals and its scope and performing regular progress reports for the project. They also have duties such as defining an end goal for the project, checking quality assurance and executing parts of the project themselves to make sure the project moves forward.

18. Quality engineer

Average salary: $77,639 per year

Primary duties: Quality engineers create systems and manage teams of quality assurance analysts to make sure a company releases high-quality products and services. Their duties include increasing productivity, decreasing waste, optimizing resources and administering information systems. They may also have responsibilities such as auditing existing quality systems, writing reports about the quality process and interviewing customers to learn about improvements an organization can make to its products and services.

19. Director of marketing

Average salary: $77,896 per year

Primary duties: A director or marketing manages the marketing process for an organization. This includes managing a marketing team, setting marketing goals and increasing awareness of a product through marketing campaigns. They may also develop new marketing ideas for existing products, create brand images and messages and collaborate with high-level executives to create a budget for their branch of an organization.

20. Sales executive

Average salary: $83,267 per year

Primary duties: Sales executives create sales goals and steps an organization can follow to complete them. Their duties include arranging sales visits with target markets, demonstrating their products and services and taking part in sales conferences and exhibitions. They may also negotiate sales contracts with other businesses and maintain records of products and sales an organization has to increase profits.

21. Product developer

Average salary: $86,214 per year

Primary duties: Product developers create and enhance products for a company. Their responsibilities include looking at competition companies to see how their products perform, creating specifications for products to increase their efficacy and developing prototypes to test their products. They may also submit proposals to a project team and its management and help an organization remain competitive with enhanced products and increasing benefits of using their products and services.