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If you have little to no free time during the week, consider pursuing a part-time job on the weekends. These can be great roles to work in if you’re interested in building a skill set, …

Part-Time Weekends-Only Jobs

If you have little to no free time during the week, consider pursuing a part-time job on the weekends. These can be great roles to work in if you’re interested in building a skill set, returning to work or earning extra cash without committing to a full-time role. You can perform some of these positions remotely or gain hands-on experience in-person. In this article, we explore different part-time jobs for weekends only and what their responsibilities entail.

Why would you get a part-time job for the weekend?

Getting a part-time job over the weekend is a great way to earn additional income without taking up too much of your time throughout the week. People who could benefit from part-time weekend work can include stay-at-home parents, college students or high school students. It’s also a great strategy for people who have their weekends available and need to earn supplemental cash to save for an important life event, like school, a new home, a wedding or a trip.

Part-time jobs for weekends only

These are flexible roles that you can work at over the weekend either in-person or remotely to earn additional income. Most of them require little to no experience and at least a high school diploma, while others may require a few years of relevant experience or a certain skill set. Common part-time jobs to work at over the weekend include:

1. Mystery shopper

National average salary: $14.61 per hour

Primary duties: A mystery shopper poses as a customer for various companies and reports back with updates on the products’ qualities, store environments and customer service abilities. Other responsibilities include traveling to shops assigned by the company, talking with employees in person and over the phone, inspecting the cleanliness and overall environment of stores and completing written reports regarding their shopping experience.

2. Dog walker

National average salary: $15.25 per hour

Primary duties: Dog walkers care for and walk dogs for their owners during certain times throughout the day. Their main duties are safely walking and transporting dogs to and from their houses, feeding and providing water to dogs, disposing of pets’ waste while walking, cleaning and wiping down dogs’ paws after walks and taking dogs to the vet if they’re sick or injured during the walk.

3. Tax preparer

National average salary: $15.66 per hour

Primary duties: Tax preparers are qualified, financial professionals who assist clients in filing their income taxes. Key responsibilities include reviewing clients’ financial records, filling out all tax forms on behalf of the client, staying updated on all tax legislation and regulation and advising clients throughout the entire tax preparation process.

4. Transcriptionist

National average salary: $16.36 per hour

Primary duties: A transcriptionist, also known as a transcriber, listens to audio and visual recordings and converts them into written versions. Other job duties include reviewing the accuracy of written transcriptions completed by automated speech recognition software and editing as needed, formatting transcriptions according to clients’ needs and preferences and writing transcriptions quickly and accurately to submit by required deadlines.

5. Delivery driver

National average salary: $16.42 per hour

Primary duties: A delivery driver picks up items, like food, furniture or gifts and transports them to their required destinations. Their main duties include following assigned routes and schedules to deliver products on time, maintaining a safe driving record and accepting payments for certain items.

6. Photographer

National average salary: $17.28 per hour

Primary duties: Photographers shoot videos and images for clients in a variety of settings, including events, parties, weddings or studios. Key job duties include finding the best locations for different photoshoots, buying or gathering props, using photo editing software to add touch-ups to photos and ensuring the location has the necessary lighting to produce quality photos.

7. Babysitter

National average salary: $18.14 per hour

Primary duties: A babysitter takes care of children when their parents or guardians are away. Their main duties include feeding, changing and burping infants, taking children to activities like playgrounds, parks or pools, preparing meals or snacks, conducting the children’s bedtime routines and performing light housekeeping tasks.

8. Bookkeeper

National average salary: $18.28 per hour

Primary duties: Bookkeepers handle a company’s payroll and financial information, including bills, debts and paychecks. Other responsibilities are paying bills, submitting tax and government forms, recording daily financial transactions, processing accounts receivable and handling monthly payroll distributions.

9. Tour guide

National average salary: $18.29 per year

Primary duties: A tour guide shows guests around certain establishments or regions to teach them about historical, unique and unknown facts. Their key responsibilities include greeting, welcoming and engaging in small talk with guests before tours, planning and explaining tour itineraries, studying, understanding and memorizing facts about various places in the establishment or region and answering any questions guests have throughout the tour.

10. Ride share driver

National average salary: $19.11 per hour

Primary duties: Ride share drivers transport customers to their desired locations. Key job duties include holding a valid drivers license and strong driving record, helping customers with luggage or bags, performing vehicle maintenance checks, reviewing drive share applications to determine the customers’ destinations and accommodations and engaging in polite small talk during the drive.

11. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $19.20 per hour

Primary duties: Virtual assistants offer administrative support to companies or individuals from a remote location. Key responsibilities include scheduling meetings and appointments, answering phone calls or emails, making travel arrangements and issuing invoices to clients.

12. Freelance copywriter

National average salary: $19.31 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance copywriters are independent contractors who create content for several different clients. Their main duties are following formatting and editorial guidelines when writing copy, drafting long-form content pieces, like articles, e-books and white papers to educate the clients’ audience, adding copy to certain pages on the website, carefully researching industry materials to ensure all facts are correct, writing copy for ad campaigns and proofreading materials for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting.

13. Personal shopper

National average salary: 19.84 per hour

Primary duties: A personal shopper assists customers in making purchases that fit their needs, preferences and styles from certain warehouses, department stores or boutiques. Other job responsibilities include offering advice and guidance to customers regarding the best products to purchase, answering any questions about products and assisting customers with order placements and payments.

14. Proofreader

National average salary: $23.02 per hour

Primary duties: Proofreaders review writers’ copy and other content materials for correct formatting, spelling and grammar. Other key job duties include fact-checking facts or claims made in written work, understanding the clients’ formatting guidelines to ensure each piece meets them, making sure all content follows proper clarity, voice, tone and flow and staying updated on AP guidelines and content best practices.

15. Travel agent

National average salary: $23.70 per hour

Primary duties: Travel agents plan trips and accommodations for individuals, couples, groups or families. Their main job duties include suggesting potential travel destinations according to clients’ budgets and preferences, planning trip itineraries, arranging transportation and lodging accommodations, providing advice on culture etiquettes and answering questions about the trip or area.

16. Fitness instructor

National average salary: $24.12 per year

Primary duties: A fitness instructor, or personal trainer, offers training and exercise programs to individuals or groups who want to get healthy or lose weight. Common job responsibilities include setting goals for individuals and helping meet them, brainstorming fitness routines to teach individuals or groups during classes and ensuring all fitness center guests remain safe and healthy during all training sessions.

17. Tutor

National average salary: $25.19 per hour

Primary duties: Tutors work with students in high school or college to help them better understand certain subjects taught in their courses. Their main duties are staying updated on the schools’ curriculums and subject matters, traveling to students’ homes or designated locations for lessons and providing lessons, assignments or quizzes to help students better understand certain subjects.

18. Freelance editor

National average salary: $26.26 per hour

Primary duties: A freelance editor is an independent contractor who plans, coordinates and edits content for different companies’ digital or print advertisement and marketing campaigns. Their key duties include overseeing a team of freelance writers, proofreading all written work to ensure its free of grammatical or spelling errors, brainstorming new and creative content pieces and using search engine optimization best practices to ensure content ranks high on search engines.

19. Freelance graphic designer

National average salary: $26.51 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance graphic designers are independent contractors who use design software and tools to make visuals, images and graphics for logos, magazines, websites, brochures or posters. Other key responsibilities include illustrating various design concepts according to clients’ preferences and requirements, using proper type, size, style and fonts to create visually appealing graphics and applying updates and improvements according to client feedback.

20. Freelance consultant

National average salary: $26.95 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance consultants are professionals with extended knowledge in their field who provide valuable advice and guidance to businesses. Their key duties include building strategic plans, offering solutions to organizational challenges and analyzing company data to locate certain problem areas.



Part-Time Weekends-Only Jobs
Part-Time Weekends-Only Jobs