16 $30-Per-Hour Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

There are many jobs within various industries that pay well and don’t require specialized education. These careers might be good options for candidates who aren’t interested in continued education but want to make a decent …

16 $30-Per-Hour Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

There are many jobs within various industries that pay well and don’t require specialized education. These careers might be good options for candidates who aren’t interested in continued education but want to make a decent salary. If you’d like to find a job that matches these requirements, then it might benefit you to learn about the variety of careers available. In this article, we explore a list of 16 no degree, $30-per-hour jobs including their salaries and job duties, and provide a list of tips for pursuing these careers.

16 no degree, $30-per-hour jobs

Here are 16 jobs that pay $30-per-hour or more and don’t require a degree. However, additional experience or certification can make you a more desirable candidate. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Distribution manager

National average salary: $30.24 per hour

Primary duties: A distribution manager is responsible for deciding when and where a company distributes its products. They oversee the distribution of a store’s inventory, including products and parts. These professionals ensure that products reach their final location. A distribution manager manages warehouse operations, maintains machines and creates a logistics process. They also collaborate and negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers and retail stores.

2. Physical therapist assistant

National average salary: $30.89 per hour

Primary duties: A physical therapist assistant completes tasks to help physical therapists. They may help treat clients under the management of a physical therapist. They track and analyze their patients’ progress. Physical therapist assistants observe patients, help with exercises and massage patients. They might also train clients on therapy equipment, such as bikes or resistance bands, to help clients start therapy plans or do certain movements.

3. Safety manager

National average salary: $31.52 per hour

Primary duties: A safety manager is a professional who ensures that employees at an organization follow safety guidelines. Their goal is to reduce the risk of accidents and workplace injuries. Safety managers create safety training, lead safety meetings and develop safety protocols. They also establish team safety goals and monitor employees to ensure they’re following safety regulations.

4. Surgical technician

National average salary: $32.40 per hour

Primary duties: A surgical technician is a medical professional who assists surgeons during procedures. They assist with presurgical tasks, such as transporting the patient and arranging medical equipment. Surgical technicians prepare the operating room, sterilize equipment and assist doctors with tools. They also prepare for surgeries by sterilizing the room and disinfecting the patient.

5. Medical sales executive

National average salary: $32.87 per hour

Primary duties: A medical sales executive is responsible for selling medical products to hospitals or clinics. These professionals promote the products they’re selling, provide clients with item information and manage budgets for the products they’re promoting. Medical sales executives also recommend products to clients and attend meetings and conference calls with clients. They work closely with a sales team to create marketing and promotional strategies.

6. Technical writer

National average salary: $33.52 per hour

Primary duties: A technical writer is a professional who takes complex information and transforms it into material that is easy to read and understand. They may create handbooks, operating instructions or journal articles. Technical writers read complicated documents, research for clarity and revise technical content into public readability. They may also create templates and catalog their writing for future uses.

7. Construction project manager

National average salary: $34.60 per hour

Primary duties: A construction project manager is a professional who provides project management services for a construction site. They supervise and manage the construction project from development to completion. Construction project managers help plan the project, create budgets, manage their construction team and ensure that the project meets its deadline. They also distribute resources, assess risk and solve any problems involved with the construction.

8. Growth marketer

National average salary: $34.74 per hour

Primary duties: A growth marketer is responsible for creating and implementing tests that analyze marketing strategies and campaigns. Their goal is to increase a company’s performance. Growth marketers design tests, implement them and use analyses to measure the results. Using evaluation results, they create new strategies and optimize business methods.

9. Sales director

National average salary: $36.95 per hour

Primary duties: A sales director is a business professional that manages a company’s sales. They might develop and launch new products to optimize business growth. A sales director also leads the sales team and motivates them to meet their goals by creating goals, developing sales plans and implementing sales strategies. They also create sales reports and adjust their strategies to increase the company’s sales.

10. User experience designer

National average salary: $40.35 per hour

Primary duties: A user experience designer is a professional who oversees the process of creating a product. Their goal is to make a user’s involvement with a product enjoyable and useable. User experience designers research products, develop customer personas and help design the product. They also create a blueprint for the product, along with prototyping and testing the item.

11. Real estate agent

National average salary: $40.40 per hour

Primary duties: A real estate agent is responsible for connecting house sellers with buyers in order to make a sale. They organize legal transactions and prepare buyer negotiations. Real estate agents might find houses for buyers to consider or find potential clients for sellers. They counsel clients, compare properties and provide clients with important information about properties.

12. Dental hygienist

National average salary: $40.50 per hour

Primary duties: A dental hygienist is a professional who assists dentists with cleaning clients’ teeth. They might do a preliminary cleaning or checkup on clients’ teeth before a dentist examines them. Dental hygienists perform a variety of duties, such as removing stains and tartar from teeth and applying fluoride and sealants to teeth. They also take dental x-rays and document the clients’ teeth.

13. Application developer

National average salary: $43.46 per hour

Primary duties: An application developer is responsible for designing and creating applications for mobile devices or computers. They create prototypes, test applications and check apps for errors. Application developers create handbooks for their technologies so others can easily use them. They work independently, for IT development companies or for companies with specific application needs

14. Construction manager

National average salary: $44.42 per hour

Primary duties: A construction manager is a professional who supervises the daily operations of a construction site. They lead a team of construction workers, scheduling phases and operations of the project according to a schedule that ensures a completion by deadline. Construction managers may also help plan and design the project. They create team schedules, make estimates and budgets and ensure safety compliance. They might also recommend or choose materials and equipment for their projects.

15. Massage therapist

National average salary: $49.54 per hour

Primary duties: A massage therapist is responsible for treating clients by massaging their muscle tissue. These professionals relieve pain, stress and tension by manipulating the body. Massage therapists aim to increase blood circulation, relaxation and overall wellness. They evaluate clients, help the client stretch and review the client’s medical history. Massage therapists massage their clients to help reach their desired results.

16. Project manager

National average salary: $53.41 per hour

Primary duties: A project manager is a professional who supervises all components and processes of a project. They structure a project, create goals and keep their teams focused in order to ensure the project is completed by its deadline. Project managers control the project from its development stage to its final production stage. They also create budgets for the project and meet with stakeholders and potential customers.

Tips for pursuing no degree, $30-per-hour jobs

Use these tips to help you find these lucrative careers:

  • Create application materials: Most jobs require that you submit personal documents, such as a resume or cover letter, with your application. Consider creating or revising these documents to help you with the application process.

  • Customize your job search: Only apply to jobs for which you’re qualified. This may help you find a job quicker or easier.

  • Take additional classes: Even though these jobs don’t require a degree, you may find a job easier if you’re more experienced. Consider taking a few online or in-person classes to become more qualified in your field of interest.