11 Guide to Animal Science Certifications You Can Earn Online.

11 Guide to Animal Science Certifications You Can Earn Online. Animal care and science involve the study and care of animals , both domestic and exotic. Animal care certifications and courses can help students progress …

11 Guide to Animal Science Certifications You Can Earn Online.

11 Guide to Animal Science Certifications You Can Earn Online. Animal care and science involve the study and care of animals , both domestic and exotic. Animal care certifications and courses can help students progress their education and pursue more diverse job titles. Learning more about these courses online can help you determine if these certifications are right for you. In this article, we discuss 11 animal science certifications and courses that you can earn online.

Why is earning an animal science certification online important?

Earning an animal science certification online is important because it can help build your credentials, improve your knowledge of subjects and enable you to work with different animals. These certifications can provide you with specialized training for animal care practices such as breeding concepts and rehabilitation processes. Animal science courses teach you how to care for different animals and help veterinarian professionals. While some courses may not provide certification, they can still teach you principles that help build skills, diversify your knowledge and give you the potential to build or expand your career.

11 animal science certifications you can earn online

Here are 11 animal science certifications you can earn online:

1. Pre-veterinary science

Pre-veterinary programs prepare students to join veterinary schools. If you have a degree in animal science, taking this course can help expand your career and make veterinary programs available to you. Students with this concentration can find careers in many fields, such as animal genetics, animal behavior and in-depth animal care. You can use the course to gather knowledge about animal biology, organic chemistry and anatomy. This program can also help you learn about the reproduction processes of certain animals, how to maintain acceptable animal health and how to monitor both domestic and exotic animal behavior.

You can earn an online certificate in pre-veterinary science from:

  • UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Portland State University

2. Agribusiness

Students taking an agribusiness course can learn about the commercial production, marketing and sale of livestock. This course may focus on different species, such as poultry, sheep or swine, and their grazing systems, natural foraging habits and animal husbandry. You may also learn how to manage livestock, track animal behavior, monitor the nutritional needs of animals and handle livestock during transport.

You can earn an online certificate in agribusiness from:

  • The University of Massachusetts

  • NC State University

3. Biosciences technology

Students can use biosciences technology courses to learn biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and organic chemistry. For animal science experts, this course teaches about animal neurobiology, basic genetic principles and statistical analysis of spectroscopy readings. You can learn how to prepare custom diets for different animals based on projected growth and basic animal health. The course may also prepare you to work for a livestock system and to prioritize protein production.

You can earn an online certificate in biosciences technology from:

  • MIT

  • University of Washington

4. Animal science

A certificate in animal science provides students with knowledge in many types of agriculture, which is important for animal production industries. This certification teaches you how to help improve animal production rates, allot nutrients for animals in production and practical science skills within the industry. You can earn an online certificate in animal science from:

  • Coursera

  • Animal Behavior Institute

5. Achievement in animal science

The certificate of achievement in animal science is an entry-level program that teaches graduates how to manage and care for animals within a herd. Students who complete this certificate can learn skills such as animal restraint, herd health, veterinary terminology, livestock care, livestock handling and management, nutrition and reproduction. The certificate teaches you to define, explain and demonstrate how to use industry software to provide nutrition for livestock.

You can earn an online certificate of achievement in animal science from:

  • New England Tech

  • Unity College

6. Animal breeding and genetics

A certificate in animal breeding and genetics focuses on the design and execution of breeding programs, including genetic improvement and conservation of genetic diversity. Students who take this course learn the basic principles of genetic population and may extend their learning into quantitative and molecular genetics. You can learn how to set up and orchestrate a breeding program and how breeding impacts the next animal generation.

You can earn an animal breeding and genetics certificate online from:

  • edX

  • Unity College

7. Animal nutrition

An undergraduate certificate in animal nutrition allows students to complete the required courses in animal sciences by learning about animal nutrition in domestic animals and livestock. This program provides you with a foundation in animal science as a career, teaching you to understand animal nutrition. You can use this certification to learn components such as feed sales, animal management, pet store operations and general animal health.

You can earn an online animal nutrition certificate from:

  • Unity College

  • NC State University

8. Manure management planner

A manure management planner course helps animal science students gain the knowledge they need to prepare plans for manure fertilization in field and farming industries. This course can teach you how to work for livestock producers and farming industry companies to plan fertilization tactics, working with a schedule to ensure both parties receive what they need in a timely manner. This certification helps you build the management skills you need to communicate between vendors and work with multiple clients to complete annual fertilization programs.

You can earn a manure management planner certificate from:

  • Penn State University

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln

9. Equine studies

A certificate in equine studies helps animal science students prepare to enter the equine workforce industry, teaching them about equine racing, breeding, sales and basic care. The curriculum includes the basics of horse care, including anatomy, physiology, bloodstock , nutrition and common health signs and treatments. You can also learn about the organizational differences between various facilities, regulations within the housing for horses and the skills necessary to excel within the equine field.

You can earn an online equine studies certificate from:

  • Post University

  • Equine Studies Institute

10. Horse science technology

Earning a Horse Science Technology Certificate teaches animal science students how to raise, breed and manage horses directly in the equine business. Similar to a certificate in equine studies, this certificate instructs you on how to provide basic care and manage horses. This certificate gives students the opportunity to specialize in managing horses on an individual level rather than on a mass industrial level. The certification can teach you how to manage stables and groom animals to prepare for shows or presentations.

You can earn an online horse science technology certificate from:

  • Post University

  • Animal Behavior Institute

11. Zoo and aquarium science

In a zoo and aquarium science program, students learn to maintain, feed and evaluate animals within a zoo or aquarium. With this certification, you can learn how to train animals to participate in procedures, such as dental cleaning, maintenance checks and veterinary appointments. You can even learn to design housing for animals and gain skills in behavioral enrichment, breeding management and diet.